How do I get started?


Easy, click here to schedule a free, 1 hour meeting to determine if we are the right fit for you and your family.


Are there any minimums to become a client of Celaya Wealth Management?


No, the only minimum investment is set by the custodian which is currently 5K for retirement accounts and 10K for taxable accounts. For financial planning client engagements there are no minimums.


Who is an ideal client of Celaya Wealth Management?


Just like our mission statement says, clients who are seeking financial peace of mind. These clients are looking for financial structure in order to achieve their lifetime goals and ambitions. We built our pricing method to emphasize accessibility and hence have all types of clients. But typically, clients who value our services the most are those approaching retirement with disposable income.


Why is it important that Celaya Wealth Management holds itself out as a fiduciary?


Our firm is an independent financial advisory firm that holds itself to a Fiduciary Standard which occupies a special trust and confidence when working with a client. A fiduciary is simply someone who represents your interests, even above their own interests. As a fiduciary, we are required to act with undivided loyalty to you as our client. This includes disclosure of how we are compensated and any corresponding conflicts of interest.


Do you have any disciplinary citations against you?




Will my financial plan adapt to changes in my life?


Yes, our financial plans are dynamic and will incorporate changes as well as new scenarios that you may want to look at. You will have 24/7 access to your plan through your own dedicated portal.


Can I track all of my accounts (mortgages, credit cards etc…) daily activity through my financial portal?


Yes, you can have your accounts aggregated and have daily activity downloaded to your client portal. You will need to enter your username and password for each account and it will download all of your information on a daily basis. Please note that we will not have access to those passwords as they are encrypted.


If your firm manages my investments where is the money kept?


Celaya Wealth Management never has custody of your money (physical possession or access to your money).

The money is kept at Interactive Brokers in an account registered to your name, you have full access to it. Interactive brokers is one of the leading broker dealers with over 1 million transactions daily and over 5 billion of equity capital. They are also a leader in pricing and routinely offers some of the lowest trading fees anywhere.

Accounts are SPIC protected at 500K with additional insurance up to 30 Million


What is your Investment Philosophy?


Please follow this link for a full description. But in a nutshell our philosophy is to participate in gains when the market rises to a greater extent than participating in large losses when it falls. We always allocate a small portion of the equity in a portfolio to protect against large market drops.


Is your investment Philosophy meant to protect me from losing any money?


No, if it were even possible to protect your entire portfolio from any losses we would not be able to participate in any meaningful market gains as we would need to allocate too large of a position as a hedge. The stock market inherently has periods of volatility and fluctuations, our goal is to maximize market gains while protecting your portfolio against unpredictable events that can derail many of your lifetime goals.


Do you guarantee any rate of return for my investments?


No, it is illegal for an investment advisory firm to guarantee returns. However, we devote a lot of time, research, and experience in adopting best practices which we believe will help you meet your return goals.


What happens to my investments managed by Celaya Wealth Management if the market never has a severe drop?


Our portfolios are built to safeguard and minimize the effect that a severe market crash could have in your life plans, while trying to maximize gains as well. If the market does not have a severe drop you will still experience healthy gains but more likely than not, we will underperform your average “buy and hold” investor assuming a similar asset allocation.

Of course, if you think the market is very unlikely to ever have a severe drop then more likely than not we would not be your first choice to manage your hard earned money.


Can you manage my 401K?


Yes, as part of our Financial Planning services we will give you an asset allocation plan based on the investments available with your employer. In addition, part of the strategy will be to get your contributions to an optimum level based on goals discussed during the creation of your financial plan.

Please note however that your 401K allocation will not contain a hedge against large market drops, we can only do that for investments managed directly by us.


My question is not in the list above. How can I get an answer?
Please use our contact us page, live chat or email us at [email protected]. Also feel free to call us at 305-560-4434.